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Our Heritage is your Guarantee

Heritage is the foundation on which F&A Dairy Products has established its long-standing reputation. Our cheeses are finished with old-world authentic Italian cheese making techniques. Our recipes and crafting method were brought over long ago after being perfected in a small village in old Italy. Since 1965, here in the United States, F&A has been manufacturing only 100% natural cheeses with the tradition, character, and legacy of our Italian ancestry. As well, we have continued refining that heritage with a committed pursuit of technology, education, and process augmentation. For taste, performance, and a uniquely superior culinary experience – F&A is your premium choice pizza and deli cheese.

F&A Dairy Products is celebrating its 50th anniversary making your food business taste of success!

Provolone Cheese

Monterey Jack and Cheddar


Old-World cheese, made the Old-Fashioned way.Learn about our history


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