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Not all Mozzarella is the Same

F&A Premium Mozzarella is born each day from Old World tradition, two generations of experience and advanced technology. Our licensed cheesemakers blend the freshest milk, proven starter cultures and Italian customs to create authentic “pasta filata” Mozzarella.


Mozzarella CHeese

Our Guarantee

Beginning in 1965, F&A developed a winning formula and a consistent process to create authentic Italian style Mozzarella for the most demanding customers- independent pizzerias across America. Our customers knew what they wanted and F&A satisfied.

Today, F&A blends our proud Italian methods with the latest technology to offer independent restauranteurs exacting quality, superior value and unwavering consistency. F&A Mozzarella delivers the taste traditional consumers remember and a new generation of pizza lovers demands.

So the next time someone offers to sell you Mozzarella, check for the F&A Dairy name. It guarantees you the pride of two generations of authentic Italian heritage.


P A C K   I N F O R M A T I O N

Packed 8/6#, 2/6#
Packed 8/6#, 2/6#
Packed 8/6.5#,  2/6.5# OR Bulk Totes 70/20#
Packed 8/6.5#, 2/6.5, 2/20# OR Bulk Totes 70/20#

Packed 4/5# OR 6/5# (specialty packs available upon request)
Packed 4/5# OR 6/5#


All F&A Dairy loaves are Cryovac sealed; shredded, diced and grated products are gas flushed for freshness and safety. We recommend using our authentic Mozzarellas in 14-28 days for maximum performance.  


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