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Hispanic Cheeses

A Great Melting Cheese

When Mexicans came North of the Border to America, they brought their unique culture, traditional foods and a zesty love of life. F&A Muenster and Asadero Cheeses capture this spirit with our authentic interpretation of Mexico’s most famous cheese.

Muenster Cheese

Mild and mellow, F&A Muenster satisfies a wide range of menus. Whether slicing for sandwiches, blending for a creamier pizza or simply serving as a table cheese or antipasto F&A Muenster is your right choice. Creamy and light tasting, F&A Muenster complements your bolder flavors

Muenster Cheese Block


Asadero – Quesadilla Melting Cheese

Asadero means boiler or roaster, a cooking cheese traditionally used in Chile Con Queso and other authentic Hispanic dishes. It is a cow’s milk cheese with excellent melt that becomes soft and stringy when heated.When your menu calls for traditional Asadero cheese, F&A’s flavor, melt and consistency delivers in the enthusiastic South of the Border tradition. It is a great white, semi-soft cheese that melts well and makes a fantastic Mexican pizza or quesadilla.


Asadero Cheese Block

P A C K   I N F O R M A T I O N

Packed 2/4.5, 6/6.5 or 8/6.5
Packed 4/5# or 6/5#

Packed 2/6.5, 6/6.5 or 8/6.5 
Packed 4/5# or 6/5#

All F&A Dairy loaves are Cryovac sealed; shredded, diced and grated products are gas flushed for freshness and safety. 

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