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Traditional tangy flavor customers desire.

F&A Premium Provolone is an all-purpose cheese used for subs, sandwiches and premium pizzas. Available in traditional salami, aged, smoked or shredded.

Our Guarantee

Provolone is chemically very similar to Mozzarella. Our licensed cheese makers add time-honored enzymes to enhance our F&A Provolone with a bright clean flavor and no bitter aftertaste. Our Provolone is perfectly brined and aged to deliver savory goodness to the full range of your menu’s needs. F&A Smoked Provolone has the perfect balance of a subtle smokey taste without overwhelming your other flavors.




P A C K   I N F O R M A T I O N

Packed 3/12, 6/6 OR 2/6
Packed 4/5# OR 6/5#
Packed 4/5#OR 6/5#

All F&A Dairy loaves are Cryovac sealed; shredded, diced and grated products are gas flushed for freshness and safety. 


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